August 2018

IT’S BEEN A WHILE! Here is my new single ‘UNDER YOUR SKIN’. Out now on Itunes, Spotify etc via this link –

It’s a different sound from my previous singles – I love the freedom I have as an independent artist…

“While this may be an instrumental departure from previous releases, the genius is in her ability to retain a sound unmistakably hers no matter the genre.” Lindsey Herr,

‘Under Your Skin’ is track #1 of my EP ‘Dreamlands’. Track #2 & #3 will follow this autumn.

April 2018

‘JUNK’ (Initial Talk Remix) by Vivienne Chi out now!

Summer cruisin’ 80’s Retro Style – Enjoy folks

Jan 26th 2018

‘Pain’ by Born Stranger Feat. Vivienne Chi

This month has been busy!! 2018 definitely started with a BANG – it feels so good to be releasing music… Last year Maddox & Raife from Born Stranger invited me to sing on one of their tracks…. We had a wicked session in their studio cutting vocals & playing around with harmonies. I’m really excited to be a part of this track. RELEASED TODAY! >>>

Instagram  @born_stranger

Jan 19th 2018


I am SO excited to announce the release of my 3rd single ‘Blood Brother’

Produced by Harry Tarlton

This one is about lost LOVE.

Blood Brother is a song about the correlation between light & Love. The idea that a beam of love can shine upon us, refracting our single light into glistening colours, making everyday life luminescent and vivid. There is also a sadness to this song, though they are tuned to the same frequency, they are polar opposites; their moments together are precious and short-lived before the inevitably bounce apart like magnets.

I truly hope you enjoy…

x VC x

January 2018


Wishing you all a wonderful start to 2108…

Earlier this year I was approached by a director in LA who said he would love to create a music video for ‘JUNK’… I am very excited to reveal his work.

Some words from Director Thomas Hinkamp:

‘Every time I listening to the song I saw the same images again and again and I knew that I wanted to create the music video for it. The narrative took shape as I drove around Los Angeles listening to the song in my car. For me, this video is about the idea of freedom to be yourself without judgement or fear’

Watch below….

Love Always

x VC x

Nov 2017

Currently creating new sounds, apologies for the silence… Locked up in the zone is the best way to focus and write. A new song will be flying the nest in January 2018. My team & I are v.excited for you to hear it…

VC x

August  2017

Dear Reader,

Black coffee in my sitting room, I’ve just seen JUNK is at #1 in the Hypemachine No Remixes chart… it means the earth when people like what you’re making. I just want to say a HUGE thanks to you & the blogs for supporting this tune…

VC x

August 2017

Dear Reader,

I’m excited to say that my 2nd single JUNK was released today… produced by Harry Tarlton, written in South London, the song is about the balance between madness & freedom, the relationship we have with our minds.

I hope you enjoy it… have a listen here:

Please pass it on to friends, family & music lovers….

More to come soon

VC x

July 2017

Dear Reader,

My song ‘Vivienne’ has now been launched into the real world….


It’s about the little voice in your head that can often lead you down a path of self-destruction, the struggle to find balance in times of vulnerability.

I made this video with the director by Jon Bilbourgh, we put our heads together to come up with a visual that would reflect the dual personality of the song.  I hope you enjoy it…

Harry Wolfman has done a tasty remix now available on Spotify >

Thank you for all the amazing support so far…

Love Always

VC x